Healing is no miracle


These article were first published in French. Here is the english version. The translation is mine, so please forgive my errors in grammar, vocabulary or unclear meaning…I will improve with time!

I am sharing with you a series of 3 articles concerning disease, health and recovery. I’m increasingly distressed about the fact that, though modern medicine seems to claim it knows everything, people die more of cancer today then they did in the 1950’s…
There are a few assumptions I want to shatter and it’s not about treatment, intervention or the pharmaceutical companies,though there would be a lot to tell. It’s more in a matter of philosophy, ingrained belief, or statements that are contrary to healing, contrary to treating humans with dignity, contrary to basic biological function,contrary to basic psychology,contrary even to the idea that we are connected to our bodies and that our bodies are a reflection of our innermost self. Even though it may not please us to be reminded that our body IS us, I cannot agree with the mechanistic approach of modern medicine. This medicine treats the body as if it were a vehicle without a driver. Change the oil, replace the tire, take the engine light off if we can’t find what’s wrong,repair the transmission, take out a few « useless » parts (who needs an appendix anyway?), and when all else fails condemning the vehicle and hoping to recuperate some scrap part for others. Never ask yourself how the driver drives, never ask the driver what’s going on in his or her life, lest we connect with emotional hurt, distressing circumstances,stressful or violent environment, poisonous food or environmental contamination, destructive relationships, trauma…
Because on top of everything else, according to the medical community, there’s is no salvation outside modern occidental medicine. No plant taking, no alternative medical option,no therapy, no prayer, no changes of lifestyle that can heal you.

These article are in three parts:
-Disease should not be fought
-Healing is no miracle
-Death is not a failure

Disease should not be fought

In my reflexion on sickness, health and recovery, I find it necessary to reassess a few commonly accepted beliefs and biases where modern medicine (and the environment?) has become the new religion and is straying from both science and art. (In case you didn’t know, medicine is an art, not a science…it is the art of applying modern science and research to the healing of patients).
It seems we have forgotten that Life remains a mystery and people do heal from incurable diseases, death sentences, or terminal phases.
I am strongly against a recent tendency where modern medicine quickly and irrevocably condemns patients when we, in truth and humility, don’t really know everything (or even much) about healing mechanisms.
Diseases should not be fought!

Listen around you: « he lost his fight against cancer » « together we can fight multiple sclerosis » « she was a fighter till the end » « you’ll have to fight this one to live ».
The dice are now thrown with their venom. Disease is a fight, a mortal combat, a deathly engagement and the strongest will win. And we do have our ammunitions in terms of medication,treatments, interventions to « kill the enemy ». And it is a formidable opponent: vicious, invasive,sneaky, a shape shifter that can even turn your own immune system against you.
Here we are in the arena with our boxing gear against our sickness who wants us dead.
Our stress rises which each passing round; our hope diminishes with each new symptom that appears.
Disease becomes impersonated as an evil entity that is like a parasite, that feeds on us and is just waiting for the opportunity to get us for good.
A real nightmare,isn’t it? But even worse, it is sheer madness!
It is very hard to heal under those conditions.

No matter what is the cause or origin of any sickness, how can we thing of healing in the mist of a war?
Is war a sane model to follow? Too many Hollywood flicks, if you ask me!
Being in a stressful mode, we know, diminishes our immune response, weakens our system, prevents us from sleeping well (sleeping being an essential component to healing), lowers or inhibits our cognitive processes, and so on.
Fighting keeps me alert, ready to fight or flee. Just imagine you had a broken leg and then you have to walk for a couple of miles…do you really think that would promote healing?
Though this is what you are told. Fight disease.
So, whatever sickness is upon you, whatever dis-ease, it becomes essential for you to, first and foremost, regain your inner calm. Refuse to fight your own body; make a lot of space for rest and tranquility in your life.
Remember your body wants to live at least as much as you do; maybe even more. Your body cannot hope for an afterlife of anykind.
Remember that sickness is often the body’s way of trying to regain balance.
Remember that a cancerous cell is still your cell. This sick cell, doesn’t come from somewhere else. It is a part of you and it represents what is happening in you. And this sick cell obeys the law of biology and responds to orders given by the brain.
Listen to your body and even in the middle of all those treatments and interventions, rest. Rest your body; rest your mind.Rest your soul.Remember to play, and think good thoughts.
Take the time to answer these questions you’ve been asking yourself for so long: what do I really need? What are my unfulfilled dreams? What do I need to do to find Joy again? Who I am really? Who do I love? What is the meaning of my life? Where am I going? Is that in my best interest? What should I refuse or reject in my life that I did not dare to before? If I were free, what would I do now?

Have you ever seen a sick animal? It lies down in a quiet corner; it eats less;doesn’t strain, push or try hard at anything;it is patient, truly patient and confident. It does not anticipate.
Earth is a beautiful place; Life is meaningful event though its meaning might be mysterious; the universe is watching over you.
Take care of yourself as you would a sick child: patience, forebearance,benevolence,confidence and tranquility.

Diseases should not to be fought!

For the second article:
Healing is no miracle:

Your body wants to live. Maybe even more than you do. All your internal functioning, all of your physiological processes have only one goal: to survive as long as possible.

Life began with unicellular organism, which means they were made of only one cell. Then some of these organisms « understood » that the more we are cooperating together, the stronger we are. So they decided to associate with one another for the benefit of all. Then from a few cells organism they evolved and organised themselves in more and more complex shape and structure, That made them more and more efficient and they entered a cooperative « dance » that defied their weaker individualness.
But more cells called for a more complex organisation, coordination and collaboration. A mastro was needed for this wonderful orchestra: a brain.
A brain that became more and more complex as the taks it had to accomplish evolved into operations that required even more organisation and cooperation.
Take a moment to imagine this: life originated not by survival of the fittest, not by war and combat, not by competitioning with other organism but really in a cooperative effort truly magnificent.
If our cities could function as well as our body does, it would be community living made in heaven!
Each of your cell is unique and complete in and of itself. Each is « thinking ». Each, ready to obey the commands of the maestro with absolute trust at the expense of its own personnal survival if needs be.
Each cell is ready to sacrifice itself for the survival of its sisters et whole organs can die while we still can survive.

In such a complex and extraordinary precised organisation there ‘s a plethora of mecanisms of adaptation and healing that we know so little. So many possibilities we know nothing about, that we are still discovering.
Do you really believe that modern medicine has uncovered them all?
What do we truly know about healing mechanism?
Our modern medicine knows a lot about sicknesses, theirs symptoms and manifestations. But healing in itself, is not a studied branch of medicine. What it calls « miracle » today, will be the « normal and expected » of tomorrow.
For what we take for granted today, might have been seen as a miracle fifty years ago.

Your body knows it can be hurt, or attacked in the course of its life and so, it has within it, what’s needed to heal.
Whatever the sickness, be it serious, fatal or « incurable » you will find humans who have healed from it (with or without treatment). Sometimes, it will be theorised that the initial diagnosis was wrong (reassuring isn’t it?).
There is a definite lack of scientific curiosity concerning healing and healing processes. It looks like a deliberate blindness.
A spontaneous healing, and unexplainable reversal of prognosis and Ta-Dah: it’s a miracle. Coming from our modern medicine who excluded God’s Hand quite a while ago, don’t you find this strange? Who is conscious of how perverted is this statement?
If it’s a miracle, the we’re excused from having to study this phenomena. Excused from trying to find correlation, explanation and modus operandi and try to apply those discoveries to other patients.
If it’s a miracle, Medicine can sleep well tonight and doesn’t have to reevaluate its methodology and treatments. No tiring self introspection, no self questionning, no changes needed.

But even more perverted…if this type of healing for that type of sickness is a miracle and it happens to YOU…
You’ve been sick, maybe even condemned (medicine is good at that!). And you heal from a cancer, multiple sclerosis, uncurable Lupus, or of a terminal phase of whatever.

First, let me tell you how strong you are inside from just being able to get beyond the self-fulfilling prophecy of the prognosis of your medical condition. This medical world is full of unredeemable verdicts of serious and incurable diseases with the specter of death and extremely painful decay lurking in every corner. (This acts as a nocebo effect, contrary to the placebo effect. The prognosis is like a shock wave. Very much like Voodoo, your belief makes it even more happen).
Are you even allowed to heal?
what are your « odds »? (you definitely are and oddity if you heal after being condemned!)
Now, you belong to this group of selected few whom were granted a miracle. Like a very special and small club of survivors. You are special, rare or even unique. (and anyways you can never be healed totally right? you’re only in remission…).

What will happen if you become sick again? If this sickness comes back or another cancer shows up?
It is now that you can become aware of how perverse it is to call any healing a miracle. Because if you are sick again, then there is no way you can heal this time…who gets a second miracle in his or her life? You’re fried.

Healing is No miracle. It is a natural occurence, a part of us from the begining of creation. It is just that these mechanisms are still largely unknown. We don’t really know what makes one person heal and another one die. For the same diagnosis, a person can be mildly to severely touched.
People heal without ever knowing they were sick. Some people die of accidents while, unbeknownst to them, they were afflicted with a serious illness.
Healing is no miracle; though it still is mysterious. But it is not impossible.
Healing is in you at every turn, in every second of your life. And until your last breath, your body will try to heal itself and you.
What is truly, the difference between a flu and a cancer? Many people die from the flu. Some don’t die from cancer. What makes a sickness or condition « serious »? Statistics?
Do you know that in Chinese Medicine (which is 5,000 years old), there is no such thing as a « serious » disease. All diseases are on an equal level, they all talk about imbalance in the body or between the body and self. But there is condemnation, decided outcomes or statistics of recovery involved.
Read about people who have healed. Listen to people around you who have healed. Remember all the previous healings you went through. Search « I healed from » on google, and you’ll be surprised.

Keep firmly inside yourself this belief that healing is not a miracle. It is life preserving itself. You will help your inner workings and your emotional self if you keep that in mind. You might even find answers, solutions or ideas to think about that may take you on the healing road. You will be less stressed; and we know how stress increases sickness.
You will remain calmer through that stormy time and keep your confidence in Life itself.

Your body is not your enemy. Never. Even when you don’t understand, your body is always acting in your best interest, because it is its only interest. And if sometimes, and organ has to be sacrified in order for you to live (for reasons we have yet to uncover and understand), believe then that you body will do it and each cell will give up its life. For you.
Healing is no miracle.
and Death is not a failure.

The translation of the third and last article in this series is forthcoming.


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